AV Equipment

Samsung_HU7200_3-4-54042b0b9bd78The property is set up nicely for audio-visual (AV) enthusiasts. There are there (3) new TVs: featuring a 78″ Samsung ultra high definition curved TV in the main-room, and two (2) 50″ Samsung ultra high definition TVs — one in the master bedroom and same in the studio. Each TV has its own Bluray/DVD player. The large TV in the main-room is run/powered through a Yamaha receiver (5.1 surround sound) and is controlled by a MX-450 universal remote. The universal remote will run everything in the main room. However, you will need to use the Dish remote and Sony Bluray/DVD remote when using the smaller (50″) TVs (also w Bluray players) in the bedrooms.

NOTE: Remote controls are line of sight so you should point them at the equipment before pressing buttons.

top10paulnewmanfilms_6-butch-cassidy-and-the-sundance-kidBlu-RayDVDs For your viewing pleasure… Sequestered in the Master Bedroom Closet, there are four bins holding 103 Blu-ray/DVD movies. The property owner (Dan’s) collection of movies cover all popular genres. See Dan’s Blu-Ray Inventory

Please return all Blu-ray/DVDs back into their jackets and storage bins (preferably in same order) when done viewing. Thanks in advance.

816gZ25UhRL._SY550_KA-BOOM! The surround-sound system in the main room (powered by Yamaha receiver) is quite powerful. You should keep volume at a ‘reasonable’ (courteous to neighbors) level and most especially when watching action-adventure Bluray/DVD movies. If the volume is turned up ‘too high’ any cinematic boom (e.g. explosion, jet engine, car crash, gunfire, etc) may rock the neighborhood. Which may be fun when you’re 14, but not so much when you are 40+ or a nearby resident.

71he8F1wPxL._SL1500_The Yamaha receiver can ‘run hot’ (and waste electricity) if left on for hours on end… so please be power down (turn off) all AV equipment when not in use. The MX-450 universal remote will turn on and shut down the Yamaha receiver and all AV equipment powered through the receiver… which is everything unless you have set up your own computer… which you may need to ‘power off’ separately.

The simple thing to remember: just press the MX-450 ‘OFF’ button and it shuts everything down!

NOTE: Like all receivers, the Yamaha can run hot, and it is a good idea to leave the stereo cabinet doors open while equipment is in use, as this will improve air circulation in the cabinet. Remote controls also work much better when doors are open. In other words, remotes may not be responsive (won’t work) when cabinet doors a re closed.

Video tour (below) of the property AV equipment and remote controls

There is free WiFi access (no password required) throughout.


Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 12.30.03 PMThere is free WiFi connectivity in the property. When sourcing the wireless hotspots, look for and choose 314WiFi. You will also need to ‘click on’ and ‘agree to’ Wireless Hotspot Use – Terms and Conditions.


There is no landline phone in the property. Cellular service (connectivity) is generally good in Bend and also at the Mt Bachelor Village Resort. SKYPE or other mobile messaging internet communication apps, are also popular ways to stay in touch, but require that you are online. NOTE: Since there is no landline phone at the property, you will need to use your cellular phone in the event of a  911 EMERGENCY.


IMG_0428If you want a quiet and semi-private place to work, there is a built-in desk in the Studio along with a 50″ Samsung HDTV and Canon printer/scanner that plays well with most Macs & PCs; however, your milage may vary 😉

NOTE: Computer is NOT supplied so don’t forget to bring your own Mac or PC along with your wireless keyboard and mouse.



HDMI Cable

To use the main room Samsung TV (78″) or Studio TV (50″) as a computer monitor, you will need to bring your own computer that supports (has) an HDMI port. The MacMini shown in photo below, partners well with Samsung TVs, but most any ‘newer’ Mac or PC will work. The only essential connection is the HDMI cable linking your computer to the TV. HDMI cables are already present in the main room, extending from the back of the Yamaha receiver, and in the Studio, extending from the back of the Samsung TV. Once you plug the HDMI cable into your computer, the TV will be ready to use as a ‘computer monitor’ by selecting the MacMini or PC option on the remote control. Specifically, The MX-450 universal remote in the main room (choose MacMini), and the Samsung TV remote in the Studio (press ‘source’ and toggle to and select “PC”). The volume is controlled using the same (aforementioned) remotes.

The photo below (example only, you will need to bring your own computer) shows a MacMini with multiple plug-ins. Don’t be intimidated… much simpler that it looks. The HDMI (in center) is the only required connection and the white power cord too (far left) if you’re not using a laptop with charged batteries. The plug-ins shown from left to right are:

  1. Computer Power cord – mandatory if you don’t have a battery option computer (i.e. a charged laptop will work w/o power cord)
  2. Printer cable (an old RJ45 cable – tried & true means to connect directly to printer)
  3. HDMI cable (connecting MacMini to Samsung TV). This is the only required connection in order to use the TV as your computer monitor.
  4. An iPhone lightening port charger/connection cable (charge/synch your iPhone)
  5. USB extension cable – currently used for bluetooth on LogicTech laser mouse

If you bring your own MacMini, don’t forget your wireless keyboard and mouse!


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